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02 September 2010 @ 10:02 am
Pets UFA - Seeking 3 pets!  
The following pets are available UFA (no application needed!). I am just getting rid of some pets that honestly, I dont see myself using anymore.

Most of these pets are aged and hand painted. I would love to keep the petpets and if you are willing to remove them and put them in trades so I can put them on my main account, that would be great!

I AM SEEKING (Need to be clothed!):
** they can be any name! I am just seeking the clothing **

I will update the list as they are claimed!

Pets available:
* Glow_Stickk - Glowing Kougra
* Kohakiu - Faerie Grarrl - on hold
* Vrolikk - Mutant Pteri
* Anne_Riice - Mutant Ixi
* LordFossil - Maraquan Grarrl
* Zinhai - Grey Hissi
* Hedeaki - Grey Bruce
* Fervor86 - Fire Lupe
* Jumper_132 - Mutant Cybunny
* Zablitia - Zombie Kacheek

Please post your neopet username, what account you would put them on.

I honestly just want the pets on a non-rot account, and not to be retraded instantly (future trades are okay, but would like them to goto a perm. home)
catsrockmysox8 on December 8th, 2010 11:50 pm (UTC)
Willing To Adopt!
I am interested in Vrolikk and Kohakiu! I think they are beautiful pets! They would be going on my main account, catsrockmysox8. If these pets already have a home..... darn!