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Neopian Trades

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A community to trade Neopets

This is a community to trade Neopets, plain & simple! It's just like trading neopets via the pound boards, only much more neat & relaxed. We're just starting up so please refer your friends!

As of right now, we have unmoderated joining and unmoderated posting, please don't make me change this! Abide by the rules and things should run great :)

RULE 1: Don't beg, scam, or spam.

RULE 2: In your post, try to list as much information as possible. This includes (but is not limited to) what you're trading, what you're looking for, when you're looking to trade, what the offer to beat is, where to contact you, and etc.

RULE 3: Use the following tag(s) on your post. Color, species, and color species combo. IE- "maraquan", "lupe", "maraquan lupe" (without quotes). You are able to add more, if you feel necessary. Those with adoption posts may want to use "adoption" or "ufa". This way it's easier for members to search through entries to find what they're looking for.

RULE 4: You may make "in search of" (wanted) posts, if you'd like. If so, please tag the post with "iso".

RULE 5: You may place pets up for adoption here as well, if you'd like, but the same rules apply.

RULE 6: Delete your entry once the pet is traded.

RULE 7: Please no more than two new posts a day per person.

RULE 8: Please make all entries friends only.

RULE 9: Be safe and have fun! (yes it's a rule :D)

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